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Saturday, September 29th, 2012 09:11 pm
So I've taken a little bit of time to look into the WiiU Preview Video, and I have to say, while the tablet is great tech and all that, I'm still not really sold on it...

THere's a couple of neat games that I want to try (The Wonderful 101, and definitely Pikmin 3), but at launch I can't imagine myself going out and picking this unit up for $300 - or even the "deluxe" version for more, and still only 32GB of memory...

I still haven't got my own 3DS yet, mainly because there isn't any "killer app" for me just yet -- however, with Professor Layton and Virtue's Last Reward coming out next month, my weakness is breaking down... (and heck, I still haven't finished the latest Layton game...)

I think it's come down to the fact that I've said rather frequently that I would stop buying games until I get through the backlog/"Pile of Shame" that I have accruing here... and as I haven't really gotten through too many games (including ones I really want to finish, like The Gunstringer and No More Heroes 2), I haven't really bought anything recently (other than a couple of cheap games)... but I haven't made much progress on the "Pile of Shame"...

God, when did I become such an adult :
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Sunday, August 26th, 2012 10:32 pm
Hey hey, so it's been almost a month weeks since Christine and I returned from Cuba, maybe I should get back into the swing of things and actually, you know, talk about it. :P

I won't go through every single day, but as I had written up a journal of my days, I'll pass along the cool bits. :D

On the first night, while we were trying to get to sleep, we both heard this clack-clack-clacking sound over by the bar fridge. Seeing that I figured it might have been the fridge, I went over to it and unplugged it. The clacking started up a few minutes after that. So, I went back over to it, and discovered that we had a little wildlife in our room in the form of a small crab, hiding in the warmth of the cooling unit. After opening the back door and shooing the little guy away with my footwear, he scuttled off, out the door, and I never saw him again. XD

In terms of other wildlife, we saw numerous spottings of lizards everywhere, a few gulls and grackles (which liked to drink the water from the swimming pool), and the occasional tiny hermit crab.

On Saturday, about halfway through our vacation, we went on a day-long catamaran ride, where we were allowed to snorkel in two coral reef areas, one sandy-beach in the middle of nowhere, and an on-the-boat lobster lunch. I have to admit, I really enjoyed myself on this day, despite undoubtedly taking in far too much sun. However, I'll admit that I started to get antsy when there wasn't much else to do, and talking was at a minimum because most of the other guests were French-Canadian and had their own cliques... but I digress.

Anyhow, there was one more big thing that I had to address while I was in Cuba. On the final night, I got engaged. :)

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Sunday, July 22nd, 2012 10:01 pm
So, it's been quite a bit since I've been posting on here, and work's been busy, but small victories are making me feel better about the place almost every day.

Anyways! I need to let you all know that Christine and I are off to Cuba on Tuesday afternoon for a much-needed and well-deserved week off!

To be honest, there's not a lot of info that I have for the trip. We know we're staying at Club Cojimar in Cayo Coco. It has a white beach, and there's a place where I can go swimming in a coral reef. Those were pretty much the two stipulations that we were looking for. XD

We'll be entirely offline for the whole week. There is internet there for a fee, but I'm not taking much electronic stuff with me - a camera, maybe my phone for MP3/music, but other than that, we're travelling just with our clothes and some books to read.

So yeah, Cuba! We'll definitely be taking lots of photos. I'm really looking forward to swimming with fishes. Maybe they'll have a swim-with-the-dolphins thing there, too... I'm looking forward to walking a beach without a care in the world. :D

Hey, apparently, as of five years ago, Cuba permitted people to bring in VHS and DVD Players. ^^
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Sunday, July 15th, 2012 11:00 am
What a strange dream... (but in typical form, aren't all the dreams we remember strange? Who wants to retell the dull and boring dreams where we're eating chicken :P)

I remember being back at my old school, Armour Heights, where I was wandering the halls. At some point, I discovered that I needed to be at the gym at 9:30, but just prior to that time the school had their "gatekeepers" set up, essentially people at their posts who wouldn't let people pass without having their two passes - one to get in from where you came from, and one from the destination location. I asked for my pass, and they told me that in order to get the pass, I needed to provide my class colours, something I apparently was given back when I was in Armour Heights. (I wasn't. Dream Logic.)

The teacher who was manning the post didn't need to ask me any questions, but started consulting with other teachers who were suddenly appearing to determine what my colours were. It was discovered that my colours were neon yellow and ham-pink.

When I looked at my watch (an old analog watch, I remember the hands), it was already 9:40 and I was starting to get impatient (while the line behind me continued to get bigger and longer, with a number of older people who were patiently waiting, like they've done this before).

So, the team of teachers gathered a slice of some strange meat that was already striped (like layers of dark meat and fat, but natural... ew!), and they were taking out the darker meat colour (as it was too red) and replacing it with ham slices, and then using a neon marker on the light, fatty parts. The end result looked like a slice of ham that was neon yellow and pink, a badge I was supposed to wear while I was a guest at my old school...

Holy crap, I just realized that I got sorted.
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Monday, July 9th, 2012 10:02 pm

Okay, I have to say this and get it out of the way: I was surprised when I first saw the trailer for Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter; because I saw it on Youtube, I figured it was a parody trailer, like the ones for Monopoly or Battleship. What a bizarre concept for a film, but oh, what a laughably-bad-yet-incredible film this is. XD

Christine and I went in with very low expectations, what with the concept of one of the presidents of the United States slaying vampires while still trying to make his way in politics and free the slaves. At first, with Abraham only being a young boy, I thought I was watching a Heritage Moment. It was only after the owner of the company make his appearance, wearing those oh-yeah-those-are-vampire-glasses-and-the-top-hat that the movie started to pick up.

I'll admit, there are some points in the film where the movie would drag on, and most of it was the historically-accurate points, when they started talking about freeing the slaves - and yes, they actually wove both stories together, in a Pride and Prejudice and Zombies kinda way. (And now I have discovered that this, too, will be a movie...)

I don't want to spoil anything from this film, because I feel you have to see it for yourself to laugh at it. I get this feeling it's going to be one of those hidden gem kinda films in a few years, when people pull it from their shelves and pop it in their BluRay player, telling their friend "oh, you gotta see this..."

Once the film ended, I was surprised - yet somehow not - that the movie was directed by Timur Bekmametov. He's been directing quite a few action movies as of late, including Wanted and 9, and I was always amazed at his incredible action sequences. Let's just say that I had no idea Abraham had such moves in him despite his old age. XD

So yeah, I would recommend that people go see this. It's absurd and absurdly funny at the same time, and if you like over-the-top action sequences, I think you'll like how well they're handled here. The script is a little dusty and dry at times, but hey, it's Abraham Lincoln killing vampires. Doesn't that just make it awesome?

(On a somewhat related note, why is Laura Secord associated with chocolate? I can't figure out the connection at all. Or is there no connection?)
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Saturday, June 16th, 2012 09:57 pm
I don't want to continue to keep posting only about work, so I should probably keep it light, and say that aside from a few hiccups, I'm feeling good about being back at The Beach location.

Okay, so what else went on, outside of work? Oh, yes, I went to see Jonathan Coulton at the Mod Club (since he finally played a gig that wasn't on the Anime North weekend!) - I got his latest album, Artificial Heart, as well as his Concert CD/DVD, and a tour shirt (which I can't refuse getting, that's my habit)...

This year seems to be a year of the concerts. Christine and I have tickets to go see Gotye since we actually both like listening to him! (The running gag at work is that seeing him at concert would either be him playing "Somebody That I Used To Know" for 90 minutes, or just playing it once and leaving. XD) I also have found out that The Protomen are going to be playing with Tenacious D in Toronto... and I'm tempted but I haven't bought the tickets yet!

Here's a bunch of tabs that I need to close...

- Ray Bradbury passed away recently. Here's a LifeHacker article (odd!), but the video included is very inspirational. What caught my eye? “Sometimes You Just Have to Jump out the Window and Grow Wings on the Way Down.” :D
- An article for [livejournal.com profile] davidn: Why Valve's first "no" may not be final. I know you weren't accepted into Steam the first time, but now that you have some numbers to back up that your game is a good fit for it, now might be a good time to try to reapply. :) (That is, if they're not overinundated with applicants from this past week's E3.)
- Necomimi Brainwave-controlled catears. You know I want them. XD (I find it rather odd, however, that the video has been taken down due to the uploader infringing some Disney copyright!)
- Ni No Kuni is being released on the PS3 in North America, and unfortunately not on the DS. I think it had to do with the physical book of spells, despite many other games coming out with similar "feelies" that are needed for games. In any case, here's the English Trailer. The animation's done by Ghibli, if you can't tell. :D
- One of my friends online mentioned that he watched Ronal the Barbarian recently, a Danish animated movie with some particularly odd ball jokes. In any case, the animation looks awesome, and I found their YouTube Page. Check out their Barbarian Rhapsody. XD
- I'm still a little crushed by the Community news. I still feel that despite the shortened fourth season, not having the original creator may be the death-knell for the series. (I keep joking that you watch the first three seasons as canon and the fourth season as fanfic.) In any case, I continue to follow Troy and Abed blogs, and this one particular post really struck a nerve with me. (Also, the animated Christmas episode still pulls at the heartstrings. "The meaning of Christmas is that Christmas has meaning.")

I'm also working through the backlog of LJ. I apologize if I comment on something from 2-3 weeks ago. :P
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Monday, May 21st, 2012 07:28 am
I was walking home from an event downtown, and I was taking a different way home, which took me to a bridge where construction crews were turning cars away from entering. Being a pedestrian, I walked right by, noticing other pedestrians on the other side of the road were being stopped. I guess they didn't see me...

The building that I was walking by was very strange, all concrete, but I noticed that it was very quiet (with no echo, unlike so many concrete structures), save for the large gravel I was walking on. I was just looking at the structure with the glass and concrete, when suddenly an area underground opened up, forcing out a large amount of water, tinted heavily blue and almost gel-like in thickness, which ebbed and flowed before sinking into the gravel around me. I didn't think anything of it at the time, but I thought the behaviour of the water was pretty cool-looking.

I turned away and continued to walk, and noticed a number of metal panels were beginning to move on the outskirts of this field I was walking on. Before I had any time to react, I realized that the metal panels were releasing an incredible amount of this water into the field, which, when it came from all around, created a massive tidal wave of which I was near the center. Survival instinct kicked in and I took a deep breath just before the water hit me, and let the wave take me wherever it needed to.

I was underwater for only a few seconds, but I don't have the lungpower of Guybrush Threepwood, and I remember inhaling a massive amount of gelwater before my head broke the surface again...

Quick cut to an observation environment near the water experiment, and it was revealed in a discussion between a media journalist and one of the "scientists" that this experiment is to help people play Scrabble in their sleep. Both muse that it's a fun game, and at that point I was roused out of my slumber...

What a horrible concept for a movie based on a board-game...
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Monday, May 14th, 2012 08:19 pm
So, while the deal over at the Indie Game Bundle is over, I was looking at it and a familiar name caught my eye: Dr. Blob's Organism. Curious, I did a search on it, and discovered that this was a game that I remember playing back when I was living with my parents. This is an old game, but it plays just as good as it did back then.

I don't have much to talk about this game, but the concept was pretty awesome back in the day. Anyone remember Conway's Game of Life? How it was a simple set of dots which would live or die corresponding to the 8 dots surrounding it? Dr. Blob's Organism takes a modified form of the Game of Life and creates a "blob" that walks around the petri dish, which will use the rules set out in the Game of Life to expand or shrink. You're equipped with (normally) one blaster which will remove part of the blob, and your objective is to kill the "heart" of the Blob.

The game is a fairly short 20 levels, but since the game is now free, I found myself downloading it and practically glued to my screen for about an hour-and-a-half, cursing when the Blob got too unwieldy, but immediately continued playing, just to get that much further.

All of the instructions are in the README file, though you likely won't need much of an instruction manual. There's a few forms the Blob can take in the middle of play (such as Force Field, when it's being attacked too consistently) but you can pretty much learn them all as you go.

The game could've been designed to create randomly more difficult levels beyond level 20, but I was happy with playing through to its finale to attain the title of "SLIMESLAYER".
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Monday, April 9th, 2012 04:28 pm
Over the past few weeks at work, there has been a song that catches my ears every time I had heard it. All I could really make out of the song was a catchy guitar strum coupled with a xylophone.

Thanks to online playlists, I gathered up all the songs that I had been listening to (including some by The Black Keys and Foster The People), but the one song that caught my attention, this one with the xylophone, was Gotye's "Somebody I Used To Know":

I'm kinda strange eclectic to what kind of music I like. I listen to a lot of Boom 97.3 (70s, 80s, 90s) when I'm at work, and Humbertown happens to stay on The Edge most days. Then, of course, there's plenty of Japanese music which I can't comprehend, and soundtracks from games like No More Heroes which are practically... um, hard to describe but energetic as all heck. But I'm veering way off point.

Wow, this is long. Cut to hide videos )
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Wednesday, March 28th, 2012 08:52 pm
On Monday I surprised many of the people at Toronto's Pinball League (TOPL) to come out and play some pinball, since this was their first outing to a new venue - mainly, The Pinball Cafe that I had been wanting to visit ever since it opened roughly 6 weeks ago.

What I found funny was that one of the TOPL members thought I was the one who opened the cafe, since it was opened by another Jason. I can totally understand the mixup, too - the thought of having a cafe with pinball machines was pretty much the same as my own. :)

My work schedule actually lets me go to TOPL meets now! As long as I'm not stuck doing Monday night closing shifts. With this current work schedule of staying up all night, and sleeping during the day, only to get up around 2pm or so, I'm actually feeling like I have more time in the day than I ever had bfore. Kinda an odd feeling. I'm also feeling like my old teen-youth self, doing these college-overnight late-night-cramming but without all the tedium of studying. It's quite refreshing, actually. :D
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Monday, March 26th, 2012 05:27 am
Work kinda drew a lot out of me over the past few days, so I'm resting up. Unfortunately, that also meant I didn't go to my Japanese class this week, and I'm skipping out on a Game Night. As it's almost 4am in the morning, my sleep schedule is very different than most people right now, but I dare not sleep during the night hours for fear of screwing up my sleep schedule even worse! I still need to get myself in the correct sleep cycle, and right now, falling asleep once I get home is still kinda making me groggy at work (since my body's been awake for a few hours before work and therefore it's anticipating sleep). Here's a few links I've been meaning to chat about!

- I see that Another World (also known as Out of this World) has been released for the Android with updated graphics. It looks pretty good, but I was never very good at that game. On the other hand however, the same company plans to release Little Big Adventure (no relation to LittleBigPlanet) on the Android in the Fall... and that would be a serious throwback to my youth. I wonder how that would control on a smartphone. XD

- Speaking of throwbacks to my youth, recently a person posted up a blog over at HumanBirdWings.net about creating a pair of wings that would flap in relation to the person's own arms, enabling them to fly. It's been now revealed to be a hoax, and the "creator" does CG effects... it kinda dashed my hopes that someday I could actually fly like a bird. :\ I'll retreat back to paragliding, perhaps, but in the interim I'm going to try to find a short story that I read back in my highschool years. :P I'd also love to see this art installation in Toronto sometime, or heck, release them as part of the Kinect Fun Labs. XD (in other bird-kid mutant story news, Maximum Ride's final novel comes out in the fall of this year as well, and a movie is in the works.)

- Someone is doing a fan-translation of the Ace Attorney Investigations 2 game, since Capcom seems to have no thoughts on releasing it in North America. There's also a translation project for Retro Game Challenge 2 since XSEED has said that RGC1 wasn't as successful as they thought and it would take even more work to localize the second. Homebrew is still going strong, thankfully :) Maybe this should be my inspiration to continue with my Japanese classes!

- I'm noticing that a lot of people are streaming their games/drawings/fanfiction/whatever recently. I'm not going to join in on the streaming-whatever-I'm-doing thing since I don't have the software, but did ProCaster become free or something recently? I'm not complaining about all the streams, btw, I'm just torn between which streams to watch!

- Use your coffee/tea as a basic barometer. This is pretty neat, if it actually works. Also, it's easy to remember: think of the bubbles as clouds - if they clump in the center, it'll be cloudy. If they "part" to the sides, then the day will be clear. If they move slower to the edge, then you'll have some weather.

Okay, I'm still awake and I'm going a bit crazy and over-posting to Twitter. Maybe it's time I stepped away from the computer for awhile...
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Friday, March 23rd, 2012 08:47 pm
So, I'm now at the Humbertown COBS store. The mall itself is pretty blasé and admittedly confusing, with the north half acting like an indoor mall, while the south end is not enclosed, but covered with a roof. The only stores that interested me, aside from the COBS, is a Baskin-Robbins, a Laura Secord, and the Loblaws. Now that I think about it though, I didn't find the icecream or chocolate shops... maybe due to the confusing layout, I missed an entire area?

It was actually a bit of a whirlwind for the past two days. I've met two of the three bakers, a Co-Op student came in around 8am and helped out for a couple of hours, The student "Day Baker" came in and prepared the next days' doughs as well as the "weigh-ups" (which helps the following morning bakers by pre-measuring out the ingredients). A new "Cheer Squad" member came in to help out with a "Drop" at the Subway, so she needed a crash-course in our products. In the earlier part of the day, I did some of the doughs I was familiar with (Cinnamon Buns, Scones, White Blocks), but I was slow to start. It's bound to happen. I need to familiarize myself with all the procedures.

It's a shorter drive to get there, but also keep in mind that I'm also driving there at 1:00 in the morning, so there's no traffic to speak of. :P

The plan is to get me up to a decent speed in Production/Baking, then get me through all the management training that I haven't gotten through just yet. I have to look through the management booklet and set out a scheduled guideline, so that I have a plan. I like plans, organization is key. :D

I definitely need to learn how to process the dough faster, though. Today I spent probably 20 minutes making Cinnamon Buns, and within another three minutes I saw the baker roll out a similar head of dough, completing the work much faster, and with such skill that I realize that I have a lot to learn. ^^

My aunt Sue popped by today! It was an unexpected surprise as I knew she was meeting up with my Mom later in the day (and also lives nearby). In any case it's always great to see people I know stop by the store. Hint, hint :D

The one issue I'm having right now is getting my sleep schedule in-line. Working when I would normally be sleeping is really throwing me off, so I've been trying to sleep when I feel sleepy, and more often than not, sleeping when I get home. And I thought I was physically exhausted from sales after working the sedentary life at Bell! Baking is definitely a more physical activity. My body doesn't ache at all, it's just tired. Then again, that could also just be a lack of sleep...
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Saturday, March 17th, 2012 01:28 pm
What a week! On Thursday at COBS, I finally get my schedule for this upcoming week (our "weeks" start on THursdays), and the scheduling is looking up with us hiring on a few part-time workers. The resumes just keep coming in! (Speaking of which, I'm still at The Beach for one more week, since we are kinda short-staffed. Looks like we'll be good to go in a week, though, and then I'm onto Humbertown, but mostly while the store's closed as I'll be baking. ^^)

I picked up Christine, and being that it was a nice day out today, we decided to drive over to High Park. Yesterday I had noticed that I was low on gas, but I didn't think much of it, but I did notice the Esso station as I pulled up to the light. I asked Christine to keep an eye out for a Petro-Canada -- and just as I was passing the Esso, the car ran out of gas, stalled right out.

I used the remainder of the forward motion of the car to pull into the station, but I couldn't make it entirely to the gas pump, I had to ask a pair of guys to help push my car to the pump. Only about 10 feet.

I have to admit, I've never run out of gas in a car before, but the fact that I ran out right in front of a gas station, in the middle of downtown Toronto (where gas stations are scarce) is one heck of a coincidence.

This post has been sitting here for a couple of days. Seeing that I can't seem to improve upon it, I'll just post it. XD
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Thursday, March 8th, 2012 05:53 am
I had a pretty odd dream last night/this morning. I don't remember many of the details, but I remember essentially facing off in a race against a trash-talker who believed that I could never beat him, despite previous results showing that I was six seconds faster than he was. Most of the dream involved me not getting psyched-out by the guy, and the race itself was over quickly.

Thing is, the racetrack was indoors, and set in a fairly tight square, but somehow I had been given the gift of arranging everything about the track so that all I needed to do was run with a slight tilt of 5-10 degrees (which I do when rounding corners quickly), and I naturally just ran circles perfectly, where this guy couldn't keep up.

Um, I think there was supposed to be a meaning in this dream, it seemed important enough to warrant me writing about it. I normally don't remember dreams, so one like this seems to be important... thoughts?
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Tuesday, March 6th, 2012 01:16 am
So, I got a little bit of a surprise today. When my Area Manager pops by, usually she stops in just to see how things are progressing and to offer some suggestions. Today, she sneakily took me aside to tell me that they are absolutely loving the way things are going at The Beach (we've been hitting our numbers for quite a few weeks now, and the Family Day celebrations were absolutely awesome!), but, things are changing a bit.

Things are changing in that we're getting a Production Manager on the payroll here. This person will be taking care of the Production staff - scheduling, ordering, trying to figure out how to better make things efficient, and so on. However, in bringing in a Production Manager, this brings our salaried staff to three. Typically, a store just starting out (as The Beach is only a year young) has a fairly light staff to keep costs down. Having three salaried staff on the team is a heavy burden (heck, even two is heavy! That was why I was moved to Leaside for a bit, other than the fact they needed someone), and so -- I'm going to be moved over to Humbertown's location (in Etobicoke) for approximately the next six months!

I've learned a lot regarding Sales in the past few months, being at Leaside and The Beach. Nicole was doing her Baking Training in January, and when she returned, originally I was to focus on Sales while she focused on Production, but now that we've hired a Production Manager, Nicole will be continuing to focus on Sales and doing the day-to-day management, which leaves me to go over to Humbertown's store for a while (they do about 50% more sales than The Beach does) and learn Production. This way, when I return, I'll be able to return to The Beach and know everything, which is when Nicole will be off on maternity leave. They also plan to get me finally learned-up on my Management Certification (level 4, I think they call it?) while I'm out there, something that I've been wanting to get done for quite some time, but haven't had the time to even peek into the book! Theoretically, it'll be a shorter drive (a longer commute by bus, if I wanted to start doing that again) but we'll see how travel goes. It'll take some time to realign myself and make friends with the established team there, but I'm looking forward to the challenge. If I can handle the Production and learn every aspect of the business while I'm there, it would help me on my way to eventually running (and even owning!) a store on my own. :)

The switchover happens pretty soon - in fact, it'll happen on March 15th. This gives you only another week-and-a-half to come visit me at The Beach if you're wanting to stop by the area, just sayin' ;)

...hm, by the way, did I ever talk about the Family Day celebrations? I didn't! Well, if you want a couple of pictures, here's a local newspaper covering the event! (Odd mascot warning!) The day was a rousing success, we had all pistons firing that day! Lots of scones and breads sold (there was that promotional card that I had made that guaranteed lots of scone sales) and judging from the turnout and sales numbers, it was well-received too! If anything, I like to think that the fact that we're hitting our numbers now is an indicator that we got a few new customers from the Family Day celebrations. It's a good feeling to see everything falling into place. :)
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Wednesday, February 29th, 2012 09:00 pm
So remember back when I was playing through Nine Hours, Nine Persons, Nine Doors, and I pretty much didn't want the game to end, despite running into numerous bad endings and just wondering where I was going wrong? I can't remember if I ever did say that I finished that game. The way that the story finally crystallized was a real mind-bender, but it works on so many levels that it really needs to be played to fully understood. As well, they left the game open with a few unanswered questions.

I won't go into any spoilers about the first game due to its incredible storyline (and multiple twisting plotlines) - unless people want to in the comments.

In the past few months, the sequel to 999, titled Good People Die in Japan, with videos, demos, and even a short OVA, all used to hype the game. Finally, it was just announced yesterday that Good People Die will be released in North America under the name Zero Escape: Virtue's Last Reward. Seeing that they're rebranding the series, I wonder if this means 999 will be seeing a re-release to coincide with the sequel.

I guess this means that I'll just have to get a 3DS now. (or at least the game, until I finally succumb to "VLR" and have to buy the system to play it.)

While I'm talking about games and their sequels, I find it interesting to note that Aksys Games was able to release the sequel of 999 (a game which I would think to be rather niche), while sadly, XSEED's release of Retro Game Master has a sequel but hasn't seen the light of day in the States. Sad. :(
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Saturday, February 18th, 2012 02:34 pm
Way back in the day, I downloaded a lot of strange things, of which I have just shuttled from hard drive to hard drive, without even looking at the folder anymore. It's 5 Gigs of just stuff.

Today, I added another item to that directory, of which I have no intention of cleaning up since I have no idea what do do with this stuff.

This is that image.

(credit goes to [livejournal.com profile] mandyseley, which was in the comments of this post by [livejournal.com profile] zillabean.)
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Friday, February 10th, 2012 11:27 pm
Google recently announced a Chrome Beta for Android, and while having everything tied to my Google Account and having a lot of issues with Firefox on Android (Sync being slow, webpage rendering being bloated, long pauses to load pages), I figured that Chrome could be an improvement. I haven't really put it entirely through its paces yet, but I am already really enjoying how snappy and fast it is.

As such, since Chrome also syncs up from Desktop to Mobile, I decided to switch over to Chrome on the Desktop as well, so that I could look at the links on my Desktop when I'm on-the-go, and maybe clear out some links. It'll take me a little while to get used to its interface and differences from Firefox, but I have a feeling it'll not take me much more than a few days.

I also got Evernote, which allows me to write things on the 'phone and it'll show up on my Desktop. I am liking this connectivity. :D

My laptop has still not been replaced, but at least Firefox Sync let me retrieve the links that I had open at the time. Here's a couple that I've been meaning to talk about.

- Wasabi Sunshine's "31 Days of Zero Suit Samus" was pretty awesome. I have kept this tab open with the prospective thought of eventually purchasing this image. Or maybe this one as a reminder to tell me to relax more. (But I want more rainy days for exactly that purpose.)
- I have been wanting to play Neuromancer on a C64 emulator. I have a couple of good emulators on the phone (!!) but I really want to spend a day and just play it like I was back in my younger days, had nothing else to do, just sitting at the keyboard and walking about a strange computer-generated world.
- I should probably watch the Fanboy Confessional episodes as well, before they get taken off the site!
- It was 24-Hour-Comic-Day a little while ago, and I believe [livejournal.com profile] ravenworks retweeted this one: Darkness. It's awesome :D He also linked to the Caketurtle. I kinda want to make one of those cakes now.
- I haven't played any of the Doctor Who: Worlds in Time game much recently. It was in Beta, after all... there was actually other friends playing it, but there was no way to connect us together yet! I have enough games, actually... just picked up Catherine despite not buying other games...

Ack, gotta get to bed! Japanese class in the morning, work for the afternoon, Game Night in the evening... :D
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Monday, February 6th, 2012 12:38 am
So, this weekend at work was by far the busiest weekend that we had since I've returned to The Beach. We didn't even expect it! Superbowl Sunday was expected, but Saturday was equally busy. As such, I'm glad to say that we're meeting our budget for this month.
God, I should stop writing posts that sound like work emails! Separation of Business and Personal, you know?

Anyhow, the reason I wanted to write was to quote someone who said this to me today: "it's nice to see someone as warm as the bread." isn't that the sweetest comment you've ever heard? :D

I have been working a lot in the past few weeks. Its starting to weigh me down, and its hard to relax. I'm going to need a few days off sometime in the near future so that I can stop thinking about work at home.
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Friday, January 27th, 2012 09:02 pm
I seem to be on a bit on a robot bender recently. But really, I've been a little troubled with the vast amount of work that I've been dealt with over the past few days, and so I'm looking for solace in completing tasks that I have left languishing for too long.

Sadly, one of these tasks seems to be fixing my laptop, as it is failing to boot up. I've learned a lot over the past day in working in Linux, and discovered that the hard drive has started to fail, but has not yet entirely failed. As such, I'm actually installing Windows (gasp!) just so I can run a comprehensive disk scanner on the drive before I inevitably toss it in the trash and replace it.

In a somewhat related note, I've come to realize that Jim Henson was a brilliant writer on top of an incredible artist and visionary. (We miss you, Jim.) I find his existential writings, especially when performed with Muppets, to be incredibly moving. AT&T uncovered this Henson video from 1963 that they had commissioned to help explain the connection between Man and Machine.

If there is a book of Henson writings, I would want to read it, pore over its pages, and gain vast oceans of information in a single, all-encompassing gulp.

(This also reminded me of another video, not as existential, but still wonderful to watch, with an early version of the Cookie Monster. I love that the machine has many parts within its framework.)