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August 23rd, 2015

tamakun: (Baking Layton)
Sunday, August 23rd, 2015 05:45 pm
[ profile] davidn recently re-released his game Crystal Towers 2 on Steam, but as the game had been quite a few years in the making before release initially, and then a few more years before it was Greenlit on Steam, he decided to go through the game and give it an overhaul, making it Crystal Towers 2 XL, including improvements to the controls, graphics, and even the UI. (Pretty much, he wanted to add widescreen support and then he realized that the graphics needed to be updated because of the increased viewing window, and while he's at it, might as well use a new font, and etc, etc, etc...)

I had played the game a few years back, enjoying it massively, but now that I've been thinking a lot recently about game design and working in Game Maker, I have been thinking a little more critically about how games are made and I ended up making a little analysis of the first few stages, primarily in how each Challenge is designed and what needed to be set up in preparation for the level.

This got lengthy )

While I'm on the subject of newly released programs, [ profile] ravenworks also recently released his first app, Squishtoon! I've had a chance to see it in action and it's extremely powerful yet easy to work with!