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April 22nd, 2013

tamakun: (Baking Layton)
Monday, April 22nd, 2013 11:35 am
I have so many links open in Chrome that my Desktop is sluggish. And that's saying something! Time to clean up.

- Resignation by cake. What an awesome way to resign. I don't know what the cake looks like on the inside but I bet it tasted incredible!
- I think I've seen this GLaDOS cosplayer before, but I have to admit that it's an incredible piece of art she's wearing.
- I love machines that don't serve a purpose, but they have a nice visual style. These wooden marble machines were apparently built without blueprints, which definitely must have taken some detailed work! I love the "Quatro" design where the marbles are being flung about. :D
- Now you can get a webcam to monitor your pulse. That's actually a pretty cool piece of software! I never thought you'd be able to sense a person's pulse outside of physical touch.
- I have to admit that I'm a little saddened that Rock Band Weekly DLC has ended. But they have released over 2,100 songs as well as many more from the Rock Band Network (i.e. "indies"), and they spent almost five and a half year in putting out weekly content. That's some dedicaton. I'm looking forward to seeing what they will do in the future. I should get another Rock Band party together...
- VGJunk did a review of one of my favorite classic almost-impossible-to-beat games for the Commodore 64, Forbidden Forest. He didn't really explain just how difficult it was to control your archer in this game. I remember specifically "running away" from skeletons a lot in that game. I don't remember some of those enemies - namely, the snake - though... maybe I never got that far since I also don't remember the Demogorgon...
- a review of the Professor Layton vs Ace Attorney 3DS game. DEAR GOD I WANT THIS GAME SO BADLY, CAPCOM AND LEVEL-5. MAKE IT HAPPEN ;_;
- Speaking of Ace Attorney, it's great to see some new news (trailer!) coming out for the newest version, too :)
- I discovered the Parrot Sanctuary when I was reading up on adopting a bird as a new pet. We already have fish and two cats now though, adding a bird would be like having Tweety, Sylvester, and the Bruiser Dog (Bruno?) all in one household...
- There's a couple of IndieGogo Crowdfunding items that I've been watching recently. The first was for an ocean cleanup project to remove the plastics gyres that are swimming in the ocean. I've had a sudden fascination with the amount of plastics in the oceans and want to help clean up the planet, and this method seems like the most feasible and cost-effective method yet. (Plus, I would love to stand on one of these units mentioned in the video and see it collecting plastic without any energy wasted!)
- The second is for the geek-troupe band Debs & Errol who are looking to put out a new Parody Album. I happened to be at their 2nd Year Anniversary party (and provided the cake, something I hadn't done in quite some time!) and they played a few of their new songs. They have a song explaining the rules for Settlers of Catan. XD
- Speaking of cake! As mentioned, Debs & Errol approached me to make a cake and cupcakes for their 2nd-year anniversary party. I was never happy with how my cakes came out, so I grabbed a new recipe, and found it lacking as well. So I remade the recipe a third time, adding in the yolks (as the recipe I used in the second try omitted them) and I ended up with vanilla and chocolate cakes which I am now adding to my repertoire. :D I was in tears knowing that I had just developed my very own cake recipe, just as I had made my very own cookie recipe when I started the Silver Ball Bakery! I should upload the photos... (let me know if you want to see them, it'll give me inspiration to upload them!)