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Sunday, February 9th, 2014 11:07 pm
Back last year (a couple of months ago), we had a Movie Night where we watched a pair of movies, one of which was Wreck-it Ralph. Ever since I had that night, I kept thinking about Flitwick's Arcade, and how there aren't any arcades in Toronto anymore. (At least, not ones that I'm aware of.)

I've been thinking a lot about whether or not if I want to run a Café with arcade machines in it. I don't even know if I want to pursue my Cuppies or baked goods anymore (I fear I won't be able to keep up the pace) but I still want a place for people to relax and enjoy a coffee, internet, and maybe a game or two.

When I was little, I remember once being pulled away from a session of Donkey Kong Jr at the supermarket as my Mom was done shopping and the store was closing. I never played that particular game again. I think I need resolution.

Out at one of my grandmother's cottages, we once took the boat out for gas and I caught my first glimpse of a Baby Pac-Man machine. This is a combination Video-Pinball machine, one of the very few machines of its kind. The gameplay isn't perfect (the ghosts are a lot more difficult than the traditional Pac-Man games and you need to play pinball in order to enable the power-ups) but I always wanted one of those machines because of its uniqueness.

When I own my own café, I want four arcade machines: Fix-it Felix Jr, Baby Pac-Man, Donkey Kong Jr., and maybe another machine that I would swap out from time to time.

Now, unfortunately, The Pinball Café that was located in Parkdale closed down due to several different reasons, of which there's no clear answer as to which was the real answer - they were in the midst of a battle with the City for a Zoning Variation, never got a Business License (because of said Zoning License issue), the City was doing a study in Parkdale and there's a specific Parkdale law about not having more than two arcade machines in a food establishment... so I definitely wouldn't want to set up shop in Parkdale.

I keep thinking about a coffee franchise, something like a Java Joe's, something that I wouldn't need to make anything other than a few sandwiches and snacklike things. Right now though, I just need to focus on staying at Bell and get myself comfortable before I launch myself into something else.

Not that I haven't thought about this much or anything... ;)
Monday, February 10th, 2014 07:17 pm (UTC)
We have a joint down in Brooklyn called the Barcade that's an alcoholic version of such a thing, and people seem to enjoy it (I've never been, don't drink) so I'd say pending where you are and how you position yourself, there might be a good market for such!
Monday, February 17th, 2014 10:15 am (UTC)
I've also heard that there's a place called the Mana Bar ( down in Australia (and it's partially run by Yahtzee of Zero Punctuation).

Obviously lots of research needs to go into a place like this. We have a Dave & Buster's near us as well which is a combination Arcade/Skill-Ticket place with a Bar, so there definitely is a market for it.

And yeah, I barely drink either... Being the Designated Driver for so many years, I've never developed a taste for alcohol so I'd have no idea what to offer people. But that would be why I would need to hire a bartender if I ever went that way :P

But right now, all I want is a simple daytime cafe with coffees and foods, and a few machines. Maybe someday...
Tuesday, February 18th, 2014 07:13 pm (UTC)
That sounds good to me, because I would be more inclined to go to an arcade cafe than an arcade bar :D