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Thursday, July 25th, 2013 11:25 pm
I just sat down to watch a documentary titled "Jiro Dreams of Sushi". (There's a good New Yorker article about the movie.) As I'm making my way through it, watching the wonderful sweeping shots of Japan, the Tsukiji Fish Market and the auction, and the Japanese mentality of work, and I'm kinda wanting to go back to Japan. I miss it...

...I'll admit that I'm pretty easily influenced, too. All the glorious food porn images of the sushi is making me hungry for some sushi pretty badly.

I have been finally been able to breathe and think now that I'm working at The Chocolate Factory, and it's been so welcoming. I've missed having the odd thought like remembering Independent Women as performed by kittens. (and I'm so sorry that I haven't updated this in ages, my thoughts all end up on Twitter these days, in small, 140-character chunks.) Being able to sit at home without worrying if the bakery is burning down or tensely waiting for that call at 8pm when a cashier doesn't know how to do the End-of-Day. Management at COBS was definitely not for me!

While I love what I'm doing, I do have to think about the future too and see just what I really want to do or what comes next. Admittedly working as a Candymaker is a pretty sweet job, no pun intended! There is the occasional moment where I wonder if what I'm doing is good, or if I could be doing something else, but right now, making chocolate = incredibly awesome. I have to watch my parents' dog this weekend so there may be a few moments of introversion as I'm left all alone in a big house.

I've been playing a lot of Antichamber lately. The Steam Summer Sale really pushed me to pick up a few games. I've been really spending more time thinking about what games I want to play that I would actually enjoy. That said, I haven't even cracked open Professor Layton and the Miracle Mask yet (still need to finish the Last Specter), and Kid Icarus Uprising. Club Nintendo also gifted me with Link's Awakening, so I've also got that on my 3DS, my first virtual 3DS Nintendo purchase. So I'm awash in games and don't know what I should be playing next! XD

The wedding is in less than a month now! Most of our ducks are in a row, and things are going pretty well for that - I have Christine to thank for that, she's organizing things really well. I think at this point all we really need to do is show up! ^^


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