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Wednesday, June 5th, 2013 10:55 pm
Well, that was fast. Not three days after my previous posting (friends-only link) about leaving COBS and the prospective jobs that I was looking out for, I went on Tuesday to The Chocolate Factory to learn about what they do and lend a hand for a day.

Once I got there, I met the owner, really nice guy, and without even starting my work, he told me my starting pay, and said "Welcome to the team". By the end of the shift I had made 18 batches of fudge with the family, and I was on the payroll, simple as that.

So, I've moved from my job as a Bakery Manager to -- get this -- a Candymaker. :D

The Chocolate Factory is a family-run business, not too many people work there. The Mom-and-Pop feel is still present (it is a Mom-and-Pop with their daughter helping out), despite the wide variety of products that are made. Almost 30 years ago, they started with fudge and eventually moved into items like hard candies, chocolates, and truffles. Every day they typically make something different - not to keep it fresh and interesting, but to make what's being ordered for the next few days. In one day you can make a LOT of one particular item (i.e. 18 batches of fudge is enough for maybe 500 of those "blocks" of fudge that you buy at the store), so over the next month I'll likely see a lot of different items being made. (I'm kinda excited to see the Hard Candy machine in use, admittedly...)

For the first month I'll be there for 4 days a week (Tuesday-Friday) as it's actually a quieter time, but we'll be getting ready for Christmas soon enough (!), so it'll eventually graduate onto a 5-shift week. Even so, four days a week is a good opportunity for me to gradually get into the swing of things.

I still can't believe that I ended up finding this position. Of all places, I found it on Craigslist. I applied probably about 10 days ago, and had an interview with them only last week... and then started working with them the day before my last day at COBS. (They wanted me to come in today, and I had to tell them "let me just finish out my previous job first!" XD) This is kinda absurd but I'm already amazed.

I guess I need to tell the other interviewers that I've already found a position... but hey, Candymaker. :D


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