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Friday, February 22nd, 2013 11:49 pm
So now I've reached the ripe age of 34. Insert strange number joke here :P

I really didn't have any plans on what to do to celebrate. I have been wandering a lot through my days off, and Tuesday was a day off for me, so I was content with just sitting at home and reading e-mails (and quite the amount of e-mails came my way - lots of Facebook notifications and personal e-mails. I got a lot of them on my phone :D).

Christine, though, wanted me to do something a little more grand and memorable. So, we had gone out to Wimpy's Diner for a nice breakfast, then visited the Pink Lemon Bakeshop to finalize some details for our wedding cake (oh yes-- that's the extent to our wedding updates right now, we now have a cake!), then, with some deliberation and surfing the website, decided to go visit the Ontario Science Centre and catch a movie at the IMAX theatre there.

We saw "Hubble", a documentary on the Hubble Space Telescope and the pictures that it's taken over the years, as well as the numerous repair missions that have been undertaken to correct and update its capabilities. Being it was in an Omnimax Theatre, the scene filled your entire field of vision, so scenes with the Space Shuttle taking off were so grand that it was actually moving me to tears. It's both a little humbling and yet incredible to think about the grand vastness of space, and what we have managed to do in our lifetimes is nothing short of incredible. The determination and focus are testament to what we as a whole can accomplish. It's making me tear up even just thinking about it... (I should probably follow Chris Hadfield while I'm thinking about it...)

Plans were to meet up with David (lj user="bassbeast">) after he was done work, as I figured hey, why not? I hadn't seen him for awhile and I should probably have a nice dinner with a friend. Little was I aware that Christine had planned a surprise party for me! She had invited a small gathering of people together (including a couple I hadn't seen since... probably 6 months :P) and we had a really nice dinner at Green Basil. :D

And this may sound strange, but I got exactly what I wanted for my birthday -- a briefcase! I've been wanting to carry about my work papers in something a little more formal than a bag, so I had been looking at the old-style briefcases (i.e. not a laptop bag). It's already stuffed full of papers, and I'll be reorganizing things tomorrow. I feel so professional. :D

Gotta get to sleep! I want to thank everyone who wished me a happy birthday, I never expected quite the outpouring that I received. :D


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