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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 09:23 pm
So I decided to clear out more of the demos from my Xbox today.

Deepak Chopra's Leela: A Kinect-based game which gives you "Play" as well as "Meditate" portions, some of which are very relaxing. I have another one of Deepak Chopra's games, The Journey to Wild Divine, which incorporated a biofeedback sensor to read your heartbeat. They seem to like using the gadgets. :) This was very relaxing for me, I kinda want to find a copy now. (And go figure, it's published by THQ. It may be harder to find now...)
Arkanoid LIVE!: I don't get the "Live" part of the game other than the fact that you can play against a human opponent online. Otherwise, it's like Space Invaders Extreme - a graphically-upgraded version of the original game. Nothing special but fun nonetheless. I still enjoyed Krakout a lot more but that's an ancient C64 game.
Astroman: This game wants to be a Metroid clone so badly. It's probably not as expansive as Metroid, but I actually found the game to be quite controllable, and not very difficult to play. I'd recommend a play :)
Matrix2: I thought this was going to be a Matrix ripoff in some form, but it's actually a Tetris Clone, but instead of using blocks, you're tasked with creating quadrilaterals using lines - think of the environment as if it was made of the numeric LED parts that are in every digital clock, and you have to make a square that reaches from one side of the area to the other. The music is actually kinda nice in this one!
BeatBlox: A ...match-three game, I guess? Like Bejeweled with the music timing of Chime or Lumines? All I noticed was that my health just kept draining while I was playing and I would be dead within a minute of playing. Pass.
Biology Battle: Like Super Stardust HD, Geometry Wars and several other 2-stick shooters, this one is set inside a body and you're destroying figures that resembles cells (but not really). It's fun, but there are so many twin-stick shooters out there...
Decay: Part 1: A Point-and-Click First-Person Puzzler. Kinda similar to "Escape the Room" games. Rather shocking opening (dead person hanging themselves in the bathroom) but then... No idea why they were there or what the purpose of the game was about. I liked the controls (simplified to avoid entire freedom) but I didn't like the atmosphere.
Decimation X3: It's a Space Invaders clone, I would guess it came out before Space Invaders Extreme, because it had lots of nice particle effects and a techno soundtrack, otherwise I would say it's a Space Invaders Extreme clone made by Llamasoft. It's fun!
Marble Blast Ultra: I think [ profile] davidn played a game like this on the PC awhile back... it had strange features like changing the marble from glass to wood or something. This one was just like Monkey Ball, now that I think about it!
Musicus2: If anyone knows how to play this game, let me know. The controls are confusing and the instructions, written in the traditional Japanese Engrish, are not very understandable! I died within a minute...

I still didn't play The Cave!


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