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Wednesday, February 13th, 2013 01:35 am
So while I was waiting for the demo of The Cave to download, I decided that I would look through my backlog of demos that I've downloaded on my Xbox over the past few years (!) and delete what was uninteresting. Here's my thoughts:

Amy: The game tries to look realistic but suffers from a poor framerate. As Christine put it, due to the uncanny valley the titular little girl looks creepy, and the story didn't grab me out of the gate. From there, I got lost in the train station and had trouble with the controls, had trouble finding "DNA Codes" due to lack of an explanation, and then died since my weapon broke and didn't know what button combination let me pull out another one.
WizOrb: If you played Pinball Quest's RPG Mode on the NES way back in the day, this looks like a similar game. It's a Pinball Adventure game, something I can definitely put my money towards. It controls well and I love the Paul Robertson animations :D
WhipCrack: A futuristic game where you swing a whip around to destroy blocks and recycle them. Simple idea, with a wisecracking robot recycler. I actually liked it. It was simple and easy to pick up. The whip was satisfying to control.
Zombies and Pterodactyls 20XX (ZP2KXX): A kind of Team Fortress 2 or Smash Bros clone where you run around a side-scrolling environment, picking up weapons and using them to defeat your opponents or bots. The controls took some getting used to (they use the 2-joystick controls, the right stick to aim your attack) but it was fun, but I wouldn't play it since it was meant for multiplayer, and I hardly do that anymore... This is by the same team who made I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1 and The Dishwasher: Dead Samurai though, so I'm glad to see some different games from this team :)
R-Type Dimensions: I like side-scrolling shooters, but I found R-Type to be too slow for me. I guess my tastes have changed... but I did like the fact that with one press of the Y button, the game went from 3D to 2D sprites seamlessly. It was amusing - but not enough for me to get into it. (Also, only one level for the demo.)
You Will Die: Anyone play Warning Forever? It's pretty much the same idea. You destroy one little machine, then it taunts you (with the titulat "You Will Die") and rebuilds itself with additional parts that will try to stop you from using the same tactics (i.e. if you stayed in one place, it would use homing missles. If you liked to attack from behind it would increase its turning ability). Unfortunately I like Warning Forever a lot more (it was more adaptable), and that's free...
War World: I don't recall downloading this one. Short. The MechWarrior-like Mecha caught my attention. I liked the controls despite having something different on every button. "Died" in less than a minute. Dunno if I ran out of ammo or overheated or what, but I didn't explode.
Wayne the Brain and the Insane Physics Crane: Now this is the kind of game I've been looking for. A simple physics-based game where you have to stack blocks with a magnetic crane. It has a slight "mad scientist" feel as Wayne is actually a brain with an eyeball and his objective is to cover the stains but not the drains and not anger Zane (his Master, I presume). And yes, they make puns.
Twin Blades: The Reaping Vanguard: As much fun as it would be to be a scythe-wielding nun for this game, it was stupidly simple - you can jump, you can cut, you can shoot a gun, but you can just run to the right and swing the blade from time to time and get through unhurt. Boring as all hell.
Gravity: No music, poor running animation (he doesn't even look like he's walking much less running), barely any sound effects, and no on-screen effect to tell you how Gravity is being affected in the game (when you control it yourself and they expect you to use the change in gravity to make bigger jumps, I would expect to see some kind of change to the room to explain it).
I MAED A GAM3 W1TH Z0MBIES 1N IT!!!1: After playing through a few bad games, I just had to come back to this one. I've always loved how the music lined up with the visuals and the game was simple enough to enjoy, being a twin-stick shooter with zombies, ZZT Snakes and multiplying blobs.
TEC 3001: If anyone ever played Pepsiman and liked it, then you might like TEC 3001 since it's a straightforward "run and collect things" game. It has a few extra tricks like changing the environment colour on-the-fly and super-smooth controls, but I'll let this review speak words instead :D
The Cave: I uh... didn't end up playing it. I exhausted myself on all the other games...

Other games I just deleted since I didn't figure I'd enjoy them:
Virtual On: Oriango Tangram
Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise
Ninja Gaiden 2

I'll review more later... somehow I collected over 180 games on my list - and I only have a dozen of physical Xbox games, and maybe another 6 downloaded ones... so that means I have about 150 demos on this thing...


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